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Kids Wall Decals

Add a unique accent to any space with over 100 colourful kids wall decals at CanvasPrintsD2u.

Kids wall decals are a great way of introducing children to wall art. CanvasPrintsD2u have put together a selection of kids decals that are ready to apply straight out of the box. Wall decals are printed on high quality vinyl to ensure they will stay looking great for years.

Kids Wall Decals

Easy to apply and remove without leaving unsightly residue, kids wall decals can be applied without worrying about unsightly marks left on the walls. If you're still not sure read our how to guide to see how easy it is to decorate with kids wall decals.

Kids Wall Decals

Kids wall decals are available in a varitey of sizes and styles to suit any space. View our complete range of sizes for kids decals and be sure to measure your wall space before ordering to avoid disappointment.


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